Terry Breedlove

Hi, I am Terry Breedlove I live in the beautiful and remote farthest west reaches in the united states here on the Olympic peninsula. This place I call home is a remote rain forest land full of Old growth Cedars and lots of free space to explore. I grew up here graduated high school here in 1982 and worked as most of our local young men did as a logger for years. I was never happy working in the woods I was tired of tearing things up and I really wanted to create something beautiful that would last. So I broke from tradition and started to explore photography instantly falling in love with the craft.

In 1996 I attended the Art Institute of Seattle and for the fist time this young rural man found a passion beyond his control. For the first time I learned of fine art nudes and black and white photography. I learned about the masters from the past and my fellow students in the present. I lived in the city but would return on my weekends to fish and to be with family. More and more I found myself fishing pole in hand just sitting on the river banks listening and watching nature. It felt so natural and easy to be back here the place I knew so well as a child that I decided I had to move back. The land was calling me. I knew I had to capture these magical places and moments with my camera it was my reason to be alive. The land is my muse. I feel my nudes are an expression of how I feel towards this place. Man in nature restful, peaceful beautifully symbiotic.